Vipul Nataraj

Application/Kernel/Mobile/Backend Developer

$ Research and Font creation


Today I have been quite busy with research, among other things. I finally got the invitation to contribute my own thoughts to the project in the form of possible scenarios to consider when trying to make our system as secure as possible, which is a small step towards having actual intellectual property investment in this project! I am excited to share my ideas and thoughts with my group and see where this goes!!

Also, a couple of days ago it was my sister's birthday and my grandfather wrote a beautiful card for her. I don’t have a picture of it, unfortunately. My grandfather’s writing is some of the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen, and when I saw it on my sister’s card I was struck by an idea: why not create a font from his writing to preserve it forever? I aim to complete this endeavor over the next 2 or 3 days so hopefully by the end of this week TTS will be released to the public!

Thanks for your time! As always, comments or questions can be directed here.