Vipul Nataraj

Application/Kernel/Mobile/Backend Developer

## Projects

$ Paybble

  • Co-developed Pebble application to pay contacts via Venmo.
  • Application consists of a Pebble application, an iOS companion application, website to register number with Venmo account, and Node.js server backend to handle traffic.
  • Developed majority of backend including Node.js server as well as the following services: MongoDB for storing and retrieving account information, Twilio for sending text messages as notifications. Co-wrote Venmo server-side authentication with teammate.
  • Completed application during Boilermake and won prize from Paypal for best use of Paypal/Venmo/Braintree payment platforms.
  • Featured on Purdue Science homepage on October 21st. Post is viewable here.
  • Challengepost link can be viewed here.
  • $ Jot

  • Co-developed a platform for authors to crowd-source novels at MHacks IV.
  • Application uses votes from community to choose which paragraphs/sections are chosen for inclusion in a given text
  • Application won best real-time hack, submission page can be viewed here. Also, Jot is now open-sourced and can be viewed here.
  • $ N.O.L.F.I. - (Neptune's Origins Living Fish Impersonator)

  • Wrote an autonomous logic controller for fish incorporating obstacale avoidance as well as motor functions
  • Led software development on the controller; designed controller by mapping out use cases and associating features with each case.
  • Used SCRUM to ensure features were pushed out on time and all core features were present.
  • Shown below is a quick video detailing the demonstration of our project and several phases in the design process
  • $ Twirkle

  • A visualization client for Twitter that searches through database for search term
  • Displays results of users with public tweets and geolocation on map with username
  • Created in 36 hours for MHacks II
  • $ GroupNote

  • Android 4.x
  • Group collaborative note-taking software with syncing across a database
  • Group project completed using SCRUM
  • Created server backend for interfacing with notes
  • Source can be found on GitHub.
  • $ FriendlyCheckers

  • Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • Checkers Player vs Computer as well as Player vs Player
  • Group Project; Contributed by writing Networking functions to support Player vs. Player games over internet. However, networking version was discontinued due to server costs
  • Can find local version here, or the networked GitHub version.